HSAs vs HRAs vs FSAs

Continuing our Understanding Your Insurance series with a breakdown of HSAs, HRAs and FSAs. Our clinics receive many questions around these accounts. While we generally like to break down this crazy insurance stuff ourselves, we came across a tool published by United Healthcare that does a great job of explaining and comparing these accounts. (While we accept… Read more »

Could this rash be eczema?

What Is Eczema Eczema is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin, which is typically inherited. Generally eczema is a disease of childhood, but some adults can also be affected.   Factors That Trigger Eczema Allergies: environmental (pollen or pets) or food. Irritants: wool, heavy detergents and perfumed soaps. Dry skin, which is problematic in Colorado…. Read more »

Coinsurance and Out-of-Pocket Maximums Explained

Healthcare plans can be so difficult to understand. During this 12 part series, Understanding your Insurance, we are breaking down each segment to enable you to make more informed healthcare decisions. Last month we examined Premiums, Deductibles and Co-Pays. There are 2 more elements that are crucial to understanding the basics of your healthcare plan,… Read more »

Information regarding Mylan recall-April 2017

We were able to locate some steps to follow if you have determined your Epipen is part of the recall. Here is the list of recalled pens: EpiPen Jr 2-Pak® Auto-Injectors, 0.15 mg – Lot number: 5GN767 – Expiration: April 2017 EpiPen Jr 2-Pak® Auto-Injectors, 0.15 mg – Lot number: 5GN773 – Expiration: April 2017… Read more »

Asthma 101

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with asthma, it can be overwhelming. We thought it might be helpful to provide you with everything you need to know and understand about your disease. Knowledge is power, and we find that patients who understand their disease feel as though they are more in control and are able to… Read more »

No need to live with seasonal allergies

By: Manujendra (Manu) Ray, MD, PhD Spring marks the return of runny noses and itchy eyes that leaves many people running to the drugstore for relief from their seasonal allergies. Others, however, have become so accustomed to the symptoms and they accept them as a part of life, which could lead to health issues, says Colorado… Read more »

Preventing Peanut Allergy in “At Risk” Infants

By: Julie S. Rugg, RN Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could prevent children from developing food allergies? Alleviate the fear of parenting a child with a potentially life threatening diagnosis? Not have to spend one thin dime on Epi Pens? The good news is…we can!!!   The number of people diagnosed with peanut allergy… Read more »

Premiums…Deductibles…Co-Pays…oh my!

If you’ve been following along with our Understanding your Insurance series, you can consider yourself well-versed on the basics of healthcare coverage as well as what it means to be in or out-of-network. We will be taking you down another step into some of the costs involved with carrying insurance and utilizing healthcare. Premiums, Deductibles and Copays… Read more »

Can we take on the flu as soon as the flu takes on you?

We all get colds now and again, but ‘the flu’ is different. It is a virus that can keep you in bed for days and leave you feeling tired and run down for weeks. So finding better ways to treat the flu is vital.      About the CAPSTONE program CAPSTONE-1 and -2 are clinical… Read more »