Drug Disposal

Source: https://pixabay.com/en/warning-trash-hazard-medical-waste-38639/The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) states that, “Waste pharmaceuticals and other medical waste can be released into the environment through improper disposal. Long-term exposure to pharmaceuticals in water supplies is a concern because it may harm animals and plants that live in the water, as well as humans. Improper disposal of unwanted pharmaceuticals also increases the risk of drug abuse and accidental poisoning.” In an effort to assist our patients with disposing of used or expired medication and keep the environment clean and safe, we have compiled a list of resources to identify locations throughout Colorado that take part in drug disposal.

It should be noted that none of these locations take controlled substances/narcotics. However, each year there are national Drug Take Back Days that allow patients to dispose of these substances in a safe and controlled manner. You can visit the Drug Enforcement Adminstration’s (DEA) website to learn more.

Collection Locations
MedReturn Location Finder

List of Items That are Allowed/Not Allowed and FAQ
Medication Take-Back Program Frequently Requested Information

Epinephrine Injectors, Inhalers, and Medication
CDPHE – Medication Take-Back Program Collection Boxes

Medication ONLY
CDPHE – Permanent Drug Take Back Initiatives Local Law Enforcement Locations

Sharps/Needle Collection Locations
CDPHE – Local Sharps Collection Programs

Mail Back Programs
CDPHE – Mail-back Programs for Mercury, Lighting, Dental, Medical and Electronic Wastes