Patient Appointment

Telemedicine Visits

At Colorado Allergy and Asthma Centers, we continue to offer the opportunity to book Telemedicine Visits with our Providers for established patients at many of our locations.

Established Patients are welcome to book regular office visit appointments on the Location Page of their Clinic or on their preferred Physician Page.

Click here to find your preferred clinic:

Established Patients-please click here to book at clinic

Schedule your appointment online now

If you are covered under government insurance, we are unable to schedule you online at this time. Please contact your preferred clinic to schedule your appointment.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: If you are a new patient or require testing, please stay off antihistamines for 7 days prior to your appointment.

Also, if you are an established patient but have not been seen for over 3 years, you will need to schedule a New Patient Appointment. If you are unsure when you were seen last, contact your office to determine the visit you need.