Are you prepared for the upcoming allergy season?

By: Martha Steffen, PA-Callergy season

As you sit shivering in the cold weather, it’s hard to believe that allergy season is around the corner.  Being prepared ahead of the season will often help reduce the amount of discomfort you experience. Seasonal allergies can be quite frustrating, limiting your time to enjoy outdoor activities and causing poor sleep.  Lets review avoidance and treatment measures for you to think about this year.

Avoiding allergens sounds so simple, but takes some effort:

  • Keep bedroom windows closed at night. Run a fan to keep the cooler air circulating.
  • Using a HEPA filter in your bedroom.
  • Shower before bedtime and place dirty clothes in the hamper!
  • allergy seasonPay attention to pollen counts which are posted on our website daily during the pollen season. This will alert you to days that may be particularly difficult for you.
  • Think about reducing animal dander exposure by keeping furry pets out of the bedroom areas and off of furniture. Your indoor allergies often compound the effect of the seasonal allergens you experience outside.
  • Don’t forget to change the filters in your furnace/AC and swamp coolers.
  • When travelling, don’t forget to take the correct supply of medication and be aware of potential triggers in the places you visit.

Treatment options:

allergy season
  • Use your allergy medications  routinely as prescribed. This is more effective than waiting until you are miserable.
  • Consider nasal saline rinses to keep allergens out of your nose.
  • Allergy immunotherapy (allergy shots, drops or tablets) are prescribed for those patients who are having ongoing symptoms despite their best effort at avoidance and medications. There are links on our website that contain handouts and videos describing these options.

Don’t forget to schedule a visit with your allergist anticipating the seasonal activities that you want to enjoy.

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