Penicillin allergy? Check again!

By: Kelly M. Hersh, FNP-BC

Kelly M. Hersh, FNP-BC

Penicillin allergy…or not?

You may have seen on the news lately that many people are finding they have either been misdiagnosed with or they have outgrown their penicillin allergy. Most noteworthy is the piece NBC recently aired:

Penicillin Allergy?

What can you do?

Penicillin allergyIt is important for every person to understand which medications they are able to take safely. Here at Colorado Allergy & Asthma Centers our physicians are Board Certified Allergists. We see many patients that have similar histories to those sited in the article. We can schedule you for an appointment to determine if testing is necessary. Testing does take about 2 hrs in a controlled setting with a professional staff person, supervised by a provider. The results may find that you are not allergic. Find out more about allergy testing here.

To request an appointment, you can click here.

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