EpiPens-3 Ways to Save Money

Navigating a monopoly

With the cost of EpiPens rising over 30% from where they were this time last year, many of our patients are in a panic about how to afford this costly, yet necessary medicine. Nowadays, everyone is trying to find ways to save money on their EpiPen purchase since for many, insurance coverage can be minimal. Dr. Leon Greos offers the following insight on this issue:

Save $100 with EpiPen coupons online*

EpiPen currently offers a $0 Copay Card which provides you up to $100 in savings off your EpiPen injectors. You can print this offer from your computer or to your smartphone and present it right to your pharmacist. The nice thing about this coupon is that is multi-use; you can use it on each one of your prescriptions.

Coupon for EpiPens

EpiPen Co-Pay card can save up to $100 off prescriptions

Utilize the GoodRx App

As mentioned in the news story, this tool allows you to find the least expensive EpiPen prescription in your immediate area. GoodRx also supplies coupons when available. While this is a handy resource, don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work magic in finding you an incredible deal.

Skip EpiPen and go generic*

Many people may not know that there is a generic alternative to EpiPen called Adrenaclick. While this is a less expensive option, there is training involved to ensure proper usage as it does differ from the EpiPen model. However, many will find the transition very simple.

Adrenaclick Injector is generic alternative to EpiPens

Adrenaclick is the generic alternative to EpiPen

As with every life-saving medication, the hope is that the need never arises for its use, which makes this hefty price-tag all the more painful.

*Update 8/30/16: EpiPen Co-Pay Cards now offer up to $300 in savings off of an insurance prescription co-pay. Again, this is a multi-use coupon. All Co-Pay Cards will qualify for this savings at your pharmacy.
In addition, EpiPen will be offering a generic option in late Q3 or Q4 of this year. This is the same exact product that is currently on shelves, it will simply be assigned a generic code. Patients are encouraged to discuss their best prescription option either with their provider or pharmacy based on their insurance plan.

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