Patient Care

What makes Colorado Allergy and Asthma® Centers Different? Our commitment to patient care!

Our goal is to use the least amount of medication necessary to control a patient’s disease and symptoms effectively, without compromising quality of care. By utilizing preventative and step-care approaches, we aim to optimize the quality of life for all of our patients.

  • Cost Effective – We aim to reduce the total cost of long-term care to the patient. Through comprehensive medical evaluations, our care process seeks to reduce the need for emergency and hospital care services in a cost-effective manner.
  • Patient Centered – Through one-on-one education, we empower our patients to take control of their disease and treatment options with regards for safety, effectiveness, and cost.
  • Collaborative – We believe the best outcomes are achieved through coordination of care. We work closely with our patient’s primary care physician to provide the most accurate diagnosis and highest quality of care.

CAAC holds premium designation status based on cost-effectiveness and quality of care from CIGNA.