Premiums…Deductibles…Co-Pays…oh my!

If you’ve been following along with our Understanding your Insurance series, you can consider yourself well-versed on the basics of healthcare coverage as well as what it means to be in or out-of-network. We will be taking you down another step into some of the costs involved for carrying insurance and utilizing healthcare. Premiums, Deductibles and Copays… Read more »

Can we take on the flu as soon as the flu takes on you?

We all get colds now and again, but ‘the flu’ is different. It is a virus that can keep you in bed for days and leave you feeling tired and run down for weeks. So finding better ways to treat the flu is vital.      About the CAPSTONE program CAPSTONE-1 and -2 are clinical… Read more »

Allergy Skin Testing – 5 Steps to Prepare

Ok, so you’ve had a reaction to something, that wasn’t fun; and now you and your physician have determined that you should have an allergy test to find out if your reaction might have been caused by an allergy. How do you prepare, what should you avoid? Have no fear; we have the answers for… Read more »

Could my rash actually be an allergy?

By: Kelly Hersh, NP My scalp always burns when I get my hair colored. My hands are always broken out. This rash near my eye never seems to clear. My new body piercing always seems infected. The doctor gave me a steroid cream for my rash but it seems to be making it worse! My… Read more »

Are you prepared for the upcoming allergy season?

By: Martha Steffen, PA-C As you sit shivering in the cold weather, it’s hard to believe that allergy season is around the corner.  Being prepared ahead of the season will often help reduce the amount of discomfort you experience. Seasonal allergies can be quite frustrating, limiting your time to enjoy outdoor activities and causing poor… Read more »

In-Network, Out-of-Network? 3 Things You Should Know

By: Maddie Rogerson, Account Manager-Patient Finance Office Last month in the first installment of our 12-part “Understanding your Insurance” series, we discussed the top 3 things you need to know about health insurance coverage. This month, we will be discussing what it means when a provider is in-network versus out-of-network, as well as the best… Read more »

Chronic Sinus Infection? You may have Sinusitis.

By: Allen Adinoff, MD Sinuses 101 Hollow cavities in the skull bone surrounding the nasal passages form the sinuses.  Normally, the sinuses drain into the nose.  Although their function is a bit of a mystery, the sinuses cause plenty of problems.  When they become inflamed and infected, the term “sinusitis” is used.  Acute sinusitis often… Read more »

Top 5 Websites for People with Food Allergies

By: Heidi Bailey PA-C, MS Are you looking for websites to explore to help you manage either your or your child’s food allergies? There are a lot out there and the choices are overwhelming. We’ve scoured these sites to ensure they bring you the most correct and useful information, here are our top 5: 1. FARE-Food… Read more »

Top 3 Things You Need to Understand About Healthcare Coverage

Understanding Your Healthcare Coverage-Part 1 Here at CAAC, we will be launching a 12-part series where we will be taking a deeper look into insurance plans in an effort to help you better understand your coverage. We hope this information provides you with the tools to make more informed medical decisions. Health insurance is a… Read more »

The Big 8 – Most Prevalent Food Allergies

By: Andrea Jones, MD The Big 8 of Food Allergies Food allergies most often occur in young children, although they may develop in older children and adults as well.  Food allergies are due to an overreaction of the body’s immune system, typically to a protein found in the food.  Although individuals can be allergic to… Read more »